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Men, do you feel stuck in some aspect of your life?  Do you feel you’ve lost control of your goals or the ability to move in a new direction?  Do you feel like you are navigating life’s journey on your own when you could really use a guide and a roadmap?  Too often, the men I work with are afraid to reveal the answers to these deep-seated questions held inside for fear they may have to take action on them, so instead they bury it deeper.  Worse yet, many men have convinced themselves that going it alone and living with desperation is their only alternative path. 

What if it didn’t need to be like that?  What if there was a coach to guide and help you become more alive and discover your masculine heart?

The good news is an extraordinary life is possible!  

My name is Mike Van Pelt, and I am a ONE Way Life Coach.  My experience and passion for coaching, guiding, and mentoring men has come from my involvement in leading Christian men’s groups along with my own journey to take my life back and achieve success.  In addition, I have served in leadership roles for most of my career, bringing over two decades of deep organizational expertise in account management, consulting, and leadership development.  

More Importantly I’m a man who has tried to go it alone, failed to answer those deep-seated questions, and wondered what God had for me next.  I found that I’m happier, more successful, and more focused when I’m not on a solo journey and I have tools to help me get to my destination.

My purpose is to help serve men that have misinterpreted the direction of their lives.  I believe men want success and satisfaction in every area of their lives, and they are looking for a roadmap of discovery back to their hearts and minds.  My goal is to be an instrument of guidance and healing and to lift the heavy heart loads that many men carry.  With ONE Way’s proven techniques, I will give you new ways to do more with your talents, your knowledge, and your life.

In addition to being a coach, I am happily married to my wife Jill and best friend of 25 years and we have two talented teenagers.  When I’m not coaching, I’m probably enjoying time at one of their many activities or getting a quick round of golf in with friends.

I look forward to helping you figure out the answers to your life’s questions and discovering your extraordinary life.

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