Welcome to MyWeDevelopYou.com

The Business Structure for Life Coaching Success

You’ve graduated ONE Way U. You’ve identified your niche, set your goals, and studied the principles of ONE Way Life Coaching. Now you’re ready to launch your business.

And ONE Way Life is ready for you, with an extraordinary web-based business support structure. MyWeDevelopYou.com is your portal for all ONE Way Life Coaching programs and information—and your key to clarity, credibility, and competence.

Clarity: Straightforward Direction

The Coach’s Toolbox contains essentials to manage and track client information, from contact details to ONE Way assessments to program progress. An intuitive folder structure lets you quickly find what you need to prepare for or follow up on client coaching calls. There’s also a full library of ONE Way coaching seminars for direction and inspiration. Together, these resources give you a solid operating framework that can flex to fit your coaching style.

Credibility: Professional Platform

Both you and your clients have access to MyWeDevelopYou.com. You see everything you’ve planned for them; they see how you’ve guided them forward. Clients can view assessments and coaching call records, complete ONE Way workouts, and access the ONE Way documents you share. The portal helps clients see you as a professional while enabling you to keep them accountable for life-changing results.

Competence: Automated Ease

We’ve built-in tools to simplify ONE Way Life Coaching–for instance, our proprietary 360º ONE Way Client Profile and ONE Way document sharing capabilities make for at-a-glance streamlining of the coaching experience. Auto-populated forms make it easy to plan your coaching calls and log call records. And automatic tracking shows which ONE Way documents you’ve already shared with each client. With client recording and administration details under control, you’re free to focus on coaching. 

Community: The ONE Way Extra

As a ONE Way Life Coach, you’re both an independent entrepreneur and a valued member of an elite team. The MyWeDevelopYou portal includes a discussion board for connecting with other ONE Way Coaches, plus regular tips on new coaching tools and tactics. You enjoy continual, ready support to help you and your clients advance.

Discover the one-stop ease of the ONE Way Life Coaching portal. Experience the power of MyWeDevelopYou.com for yourself by clicking the button below to request a free live demonstration—the winning way to manage your life coaching business.