ONE Way Coaching FAQ

What is ONE Way? 

ONE Way is a coaching platform developed by CEO Michael Riggs, M.Ed. Our talented ONE Way Coaches use this platform to work with motivated individuals who seek heightened success and satisfaction in key areas of their lives. ONE Way is a “get it done” program for people ready to act on becoming extraordinary – not just talk about it.

Why does ONE Way work?

We have a proven platform and world-class Coaches! Let’s face it, people who flourish do so because they think, act and live in ways that empower them to flourish. ONE Way is based on the ways of the most successful people – past and present. Our tightly vetted ONE Way Coaches teach these ways, collaborating with Clients to guide them toward extraordinary achievement and fulfillment.

What does the “ONE” stand for? 

“O” is for Ownership and Organization. Successful and satisfied people – what we call S² in ONE Way speak – don’t talk about blame or luck. They take ownership of their life’s direction and organize strategies to get where they want to go.

“N” is for eNvironment. S² people recognize the importance of a hearty Inner eNvironment of strong beliefs, personal traits and life skills. They work hard to continuously strengthen themselves from the inside out. They also know they need a strong Outer eNvironment, or support team, of people to influence and help them achieve greatness.

“E” is for Execution. S² people know successful action requires commitment, confidence, concentration and composure. These Four Cs of Execution give people a vital edge in becoming S².

How does ONE Way work? 

Prospective Clients first connect with a ONE Way Coach via website or other channel. This is the opportunity to vet and choose a Coach whose philosophy, skills and personality are the right fit.

Next, the Coach enrolls the Client at the proper program level. Clients complete proprietary ONE Way assessments to provide a clear picture of current status and ambitions. Then the coaching process begins with the Day ONE Launch, laying the foundation for a highly personal and interactive relationship. 

Do all Coaches coach the same way?

While all Coaches build on the proven ONE Way platform, we do not believe “one Coach fits all.” Each Coach has experience in particular areas and each Client arrives with unique needs and goals. We work to ensure that each Client’s ONE Way Coach is a great fit.

What makes being a ONE Way Coach so special?

We start with extraordinary people that have a strong desire to help others become extraordinary; average people need not apply. From there, we build a close-knit team of highly trained and skilled Coaches, working from the same platform, sharing ideas and best practices, and supporting each other. Our coaches are proud to be ONE Way Coaches. It’s a badge of honor and accomplishment.

How do I become a ONE Way Coach? 

The process has three phases: Discovery, Client, and Training. 

The Discovery Phase lets our ONE Way team and the prospective Coach each check that the fit is extraordinary. We focus on two key factors: Does the prospective Coach really want to help others become extraordinary? And does the prospective Coach have the desire and basis to grow a high-income business? Our Coaches must be “all in” and 100% aware of the challenges and realities of becoming a ONE Way Coach franchisee. Being an S² ONE Way Coach will not be easy – but, it sure will be worth it!

Prospective Coaches who successfully pass through Discovery then enter the Client Phase. The very best way to understand and appreciate the effectiveness of ONE Way is to be a Client. Prospective Coaches enroll in the ONE Way program. Upon completion of the program, the prospective Coach and ONE Way team meet formally to discuss what’s next.

If both parties choose to move forward, the legally binding Franchise Agreement is signed and the prospective Coach enters the Training Phase. The prospective Coach enrolls in ONE Way U. to learn the ONE Way Formula, ONE Way Coaching tactics and techniques, niche selection, effective marketing and sales, use of the Coach and Client portal, and more. The prospective Coach will work with our website developer on a custom website, our graphic designer on a custom ONE Way print collateral package, and our marketing experts on a niche-specific marketing and sales strategy. Upon completion of Phase Three, Coaches are no longer “prospective.” They’ve earned their ONE Way franchise and are ready to launch!

How long does it take to become a ONE Way Coach?

From Discovery Phase to franchise launch, the process takes approximately six months. The prospective Coach should expect to spend 3-5 hours per week working on ONE Way items. We don’t want you to rush through this process – some things need to be taken slowly and deliberately for best results.

How will I get clients? 

One of the many differentiators of ONE Way is that we not only train you how to use the ONE Way platform, we also teach you how to select and market to your niche. You’ll learn to market by phone, email and live events, and to leverage digital media to gain exposure and secure Clients. You also have competitively priced access to our dedicated ONE Way marketing partner to help you execute your strategy and “abundantly fill your nets” with Clients.

Coaches carry out the bulk of lead generation and Client enrollment, using the marketing strategy created in Phase Three. You have the support of our ONE Way team, committed to growing the ONE Way brand and driving potential clients to our Coaches via the corporate website

How much should/can I charge for coaching?

Your fees depend on your experience, skill and of course, your ability to show value to potential Clients. Our team works closely with you during the Training Phase to help you set pricing for individual Clients, live group coaching and online webinars. We train you to recognize your franchise’s potential for significant income.

How does the franchise business model work?

Our business model is relatively simple—no surprises. Your success is directly correlated to the execution of the ONE Way model.

For individual Clients, Coaches creatively market to their niche using the methods and channels learned in the Training Phase. Once a Client is enrolled, you use the Coach portal to manage your Clients. And when Clients finish their ONE Way program, you’ll want to offer additional Coaching Calls to help them maintain their momentum and provide yourself ongoing revenue.

What does Coach training cost?

We make ONE Way training as affordable as possible. To become a ONE Way Coach, the fees vary by program. Please refer to the respective “Become a Coach” page for specific costs.

Are there ongoing franchise costs?

To grow the ONE Way brand and be able to offer our Coaches unparalleled support, we charge our Coaches the following:

Monthly Franchise Fee: $99

Monthly Royalty: 10% of gross revenue

How do I launch the ONE Way Coach Discovery Phase?

We are currently offering franchises for ONE Way Life and ONE Way Golf. 

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