Opportunity Knocks.

by Michael Riggs

Tough times are the mother of ingenuity, creativity, and the development of strong character.

It isn’t hard to find a poor soul that is facing genuine hardship in these difficult economic times. Honest, hard working men and women are losing their jobs at an alarming rate. Entire companies are closing their doors unable to find financing to keep their ship righted. Homeowners are being foreclosed upon by the thousands as they watch their American Dream become a nightmare. Stock portfolios of retirees, counting on the income to carry them through their Golden Years, are evaporating. Times are tough. It is nearly time to give up and call it quits… or is it?

Times as these are a time of opportunity. The key, however, is seeing it as such and acting upon it with imagination and vigilance.

Did you know that commercially available baby food was invented during the Great Depression? A direct response to the need for cheap, standardized nourishment for babies during economically difficult times.

Difficult economic times provide an opportunity to look at current personal consumption habits. The first two consumption questions to be asked are, “Where am I wasting?” and “Where can I begin saving?”. From food to clothes to cell phone packages to brands of shampoo, all consumption has options. The absolute solution here is use less, spend less, and when possible, use again. Another way to look at it is, “Is that a need or a want?”. Then, get back to fulfilling your needs.

Did you know that shoes that featured wide and thick heels became stylish and popular in the 1930’s in part because they lasted longer, reducing the need for new shoes? A direct fashion response to the difficult economic times.

Difficult times are also a great time for businesses to look at potential markets or products that are emerging as a result of the times. Think of a see saw – while one end goes down the other must come up. Creating, developing, and providing products or services that are wanted and needed is a matter of tapping into the collective creativity of the company and making the commitment to survival.

Did you know that the TV was invented in the 1930’s, quickly becoming a source of important news and a reason for community gathering (as very few could afford there own TV set)? A direct response to peoples’ need for information and a desire for “community” during difficult economic times.

Difficult economic times have come and gone since the dawn of time, itself. Maintaining a positive attitude amidst the turmoil and becoming creative in order to stay afloat are keys to thriving in this environment.
And last, but certainly not least, realizing that this, too, shall pass may offer comfort and motivation.

S² Tip

Believe – and act – upon the fact that down times are perfect for up people.

In Another’s Words…

“Of course you want to be rich and famous. It’s natural. Wealth and fame are what every man desires. The question is: What are you willing to trade for it?”  — Confucius, Philosopher

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