Who are you?

Do you remember the great British band, The Who, and the title of one of their best-selling albums, Who Are You? Lead singer, Roger Daltry, has something to teach us all about playing our best golf.

Finding your competitive personality is fundamental to being able to tee off and play a round that showcases your abilities. Simply put, a competitive personality is how you like to “be” when you are trying your best to play your best. All players, from Junior Linkster to Masters Champion, have a competitive personality.

I always embark upon a search of competitive personality with my players. Often, a player comes to me in search of a better attitude, or more consistent confidence, or wishes to be able to recover mentally and emotionally from poor shots, holes, or rounds. Often, too, they are surprised when I seemingly ignore their targeted requests only to help them, first, find their competitive personality. Ironically, inside their authentic competitive personality is often many of the other answers they seek.

Many players, regardless of gender or level of play, fake a personality while competing. For instance, they aren’t comfortable appearing intense and self-centered while playing and instead play the role of jovial buddy to their playing partners. This personality keeps them unfocused throughout the round and they consistently find themselves shooting scores that aren’t indicative of their ability. Or, some players feel the need to “put on their game face” and scowl like a tiger for 5 hours when what they really want is to be relaxed and upbeat. This, too, exemplifies how a player that fakes it usually doesn’t make it.

It’s a lot like going by yourself to buy a pair of shoes. When you go the store to buy a pair of clompers, you just know when you try them on and walk around if you like them. You don’t need to give reasons or offer excuses for liking the shoes you like. You just like ‘em. However, if you go shopping with a companion, you almost automatically find yourself second-guessing your own choice wondering what he thinks. You need to care less what others think about your shoes, and competitive personality, and be your authentic self.

If this means being laughable and happy – then be it. If it means being quiet and serious – then be it. If it means being friendly and social – then bit. Whatever your competitive personality is, you need to be it. For yourself and for your score.

S² Tip

Be yourself when you compete.

In Another’s Words…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

— Anthony Robbins, Motivational Speaker

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