Apples and Atoms

Apples and Atoms

Michael Riggs, M.Ed.

What do apples, the earth, atoms and Abraham Lincoln have in common?

Each has an axis that all of its activities revolve around. Each has a clearly defined center point that acts as a fulcrum from which its power and energy move out from. Each has a core from which, and to which, it can trace its sustenance.

The apple’s core maintains and houses its source of regeneration; its seeds. The earth’s core is the oven and recycling center of all the matter that we build, walk, drive, climb, and live upon. The atom’s core, its nucleus, is the great-sticky-balancer that sustains its electrons as they hurl and swirl in patterns of perfect equilibrium. Mr. Lincoln’s core was his formidable character and unwavering commitment to developing a society that realized freedom for all people – regardless of color. Materially speaking, a core is the point of emanation of a beginning. For people, it is the foundation of all of their thought and action. It is what makes us what we are.

When you consider your professional life, what do you see as your core? What are the core beliefs that direct, motivate, and cause you to think and act in the ways you do? Are your core beliefs ones that help guide you to use your gifts and talents to make your company, family, community, and world a better place? Or, do your core values direct you to be self-seeking and protective?

Core beliefs are not reserved for the rich, influential, and fortunate. Regardless of state or stature, we all possess core beliefs. Core beliefs come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Samples of core beliefs may include:

–       “all life should be respected,”

–       “you get what you deserve,”

–       “money makes the world go ‘round,”

–       “materialism is good,”

–       “equality is attainable,”

–       “perfection is impossible to achieve,” and

–       “winning is all that matters.”

Your core beliefs are what make you tick.  And, they direct, often in a very “back scenes” way, all of your thoughts and behaviors as a professional. In essence, your core beliefs are the operating system that makes you function the way that you do.

So, what does this have to do with improving the success and satisfaction you are experiencing in your professional life?

Simply put, if you don’t like what is happening in your professional life, it may be time for you to unearth your core beliefs and discover which ones are productive and which ones should be sent to the scrap heap. Choose a handful of core beliefs that you want to govern your career and be sure that all of your thoughts and actions are in accord with those beliefs.

Develop yourself into a professional that you are proud of…starting from the core.

 S² Tip

Discover your professional core beliefs and let them drive and direct your career. It may not be easy, but it will be very satisfying.

Success Story

Chris Gardner’s journey from homeless dad to millionaire stockbroker was the basis for his autobiography, Pusruit of Happyness, and the hit 2006 film of the same name starring Will Smith. Nice job saying “No” to failure and despair and doing something about it!

 In Another’s  Words…

 “Happiness is only a byproduct of successful living.”  — Austen Riggs, psychiatrist