"C" Me Through

The Four C’s of Execution

by Michael Riggs

This is where the rubber meets the road… or, more accurately, where your club face meets the ball.

When you are able to execute a shot properly, in most cases it is because you were at a high level of the Four C’s of Execution — commitment, confidence, concentration, and composure – before and during the shot. When you hit an errant shot, this is usually an indication that there was a breakdown with one, or more, of the Four C’s.

Hitting a golf shot is a process, not an end result.  In other words, if you do the right things you are more likely to hit fairways, greens, and make putts. What are these “right things”?  While it differs from player to player, the right things suggest a balanced and smooth swing where the club face impacts the ball squarely. You and your swing coach need to determine and perfect your correct swing. Your swing must be based upon correct mechanics, yet custom your body. You must be able to repeat your correct swing, under pressure, and you need to be able to beleive it will get the job done.  These are the “right things”.

Now, let’s talk about successful execution and The Four C’s:

The first is Commitment to your swing. This is believing in it and sticking with it over the long haul. Too many players really don’t believe in their swing – they aren’t committed to it – and can be found continuously tinkering with it.

Second is having the Confidence in your ability to prodcue your swing — and to truly feel it — time after time after time.

Concentration is the third C. This is your ability to stay focused on the feel – not the mechanics — of your swing from take away through to finish.

The final C, Composure, is your ability to remain relaxed and calm throughout your swing.  If you cannot be at ease – especially at impact – you are not likely to execute your shot.

The best players in the world know the Four C’s of Execution very well. They work hard to be sure they are at a high level of the Four C’s on every shot. It is when they are able to maintain a high level of the Four C’s, they are most likely to hit great shots and have great rounds.

S² Tip

Complete a ‘C’ Check after each and every shot on the course. Start to notice where your mind is breaking down. Which C is the weak link?

Success Story

Congratulations to amateur player Emery Felton for breaking 80! Your commitment to your dream is admirable! Now, let’s go for 75.

In Another’s Words…

 “When I have fully decided that a result is worth getting, I go ahead of it and make trial after trial until it comes.”

– Thomas Edison, inventor