PartnerSync – Mental Fitness for Ice Dance and Pair Skaters

The road to success in ice dancing and pairs figure skating is too often littered with underachievement due to a lack of development key areas. PartnerSync tackles those key areas.

How well the pair handles the pressures and developmental challenges very often predict the sustainability and success of the team.

The Need

Ice dancing and pairs figure skating is a unique world that presents significant challenges for any team – both on and off the ice. Locating, matching, developing and maintaining a quality team that can win is no simple task.

All too often these challenges are magnified in an ice dancing / pairs setting due, in part, to the fact that men and women react and respond to their skating experiences in different ways:

– Female skaters tend to place more emphasis on personal improvement while males emphasize results and winning.

– Male skaters seek to independently define their standard while female skaters tend to care more about gaining approval.

–  Female skaters tend to internalize their partnership-related frustrations while males prefer to communicate openly and outwardly.

The Vision

PartnerSync is a first-of-its-kind team approach offering comprehensive and proactive mental fitness and organizational training catering both to the individual skater and the needs of the pair or dance team.

PartnerSync matches Caroline Silby, Ph.D. with the female skater and Michael Riggs, M.Ed. with the male skater to strengthen individual mental agility and fitness. Individually, each skater will have opportunities to create effective mental habits, fine tune focus and concentration and develop competitive composure.

Plus, the full PartnerSync team convenes on a regular basis to address team-related challenges where Silby and Riggs will deliver proven performance strategies and help the partnership develop the skills necessary for long-term satisfaction and success.

The Target

PartnerSync is targeted at elite figure skating and will incorporate innovative and established strategies allowing the pair to sustain high levels of performance success and personal satisfaction. PartnerSynch teams should expect to:

– gain better awareness and develop in the key areas that influence individual and partnership performance

– effectively manage conflict and enhance partnership communication for both training and competitive settings

–  learn how to perform optimally under pressure and truly enjoy the competitive experience




  • 360° PartnerSynch Profile (one additional profiler) & PartnerSynch Appraisal
  • Two hour, live PartnerSynch program launch
  • Monthly, individual PartnerSynch mental fitness development Coaching Call
  • Monthly, full team (Dr. Silby, Mr. Riggs, and skaters) PartnerSynch Coaching Call
  • Monthly, Coach Only SynchUp Call between Dr. Silby and Mr. Riggs
  • Open phone for skaters between scheduled Coaching Calls for quick check-ins

Terms and Conditions

  • Money Back Guarantee. Client may withdraw from contracted PartnerSynch program at any time for any reason. In the event of withdrawal, all fees paid shall be refunded on a percentage-used basis. A program enrollment and preparation charge shall be deducted from all refunds. Outstanding fees due shall be paid within 10 days of program withdrawal.
  • Travel related expenses may be charged, in addition to the program fee.
  • Missed or client-cancelled Coaching Calls shall be rescheduled at the discretion and availability of the PartnerSynch Coach.

Term: Six months

Investment (per skater): $1,999



How long is a PartnerSync Program?

PartenrSync is designed to unfold over a 6 month period. This provides the ideal length of time for each skater and their PartenrSync Coach to develop an excellent rapport, introduce and understand new mental skills and habits, and provide the support and guidance the partnership will need as it develops into a fully synched team.

What takes place before our PartnerSync program begins?

To create a reliable and accurate mental fitness inventory for each skater and to obtain a partnership wellness baseline, each skater will complete two comprehensive, proprietary assessments developed by PartenrSync founders Dr. Caroline Silby and Michael Riggs, M.Ed.:

The first assessment, the PartenrSync Mental Fitness Profile, is completed both as a self- assessment and partner-completed assessment that provides the PartenrSync Team profound quantitative insight into the mental, emotional and organizational strengths and weaknesses of each skater. For new partnerships who are unfamiliar with each other, the second party may be the skater’s current coach or another individual that is knowledgeable of the skater’s habits, traits and tendencies.

The second assessment, the PartenrSync Appraisal, provides the Team with a deep qualitative awareness of the overall wellness of the partnership within defined parameters along key lines of highly successful partnerships.

Once the PartenrSync Mental Fitness Profile and the PartenrSync Appraisal have been completed, the Team is ready for its live PartenrSync launch.

What is the PartnerSync launch?

Your program begins with a live meeting, in-person or via web conference, with your PartenrSync Coaches to help you hit the ground running. You’ll be introduced to the key elements and unique language of PartenrSync. Then you work together to understand your current status levels and determine key improvement opportunity areas obtained from your our PartenrSync Mental Fitness Profile and the PartenrSync Appraisal. The PartenrSync launch is designed to initiate the creation of the individual skater’s, as well as the partnership’s, roadmap to success.

What is a PartnerSync Coaching Call?

A Coaching Call, which usually runs 30 to 45 minutes, is the time you spend one-on-one with your PartenrSync Coach to improve and develop your skills. Coaching Calls may take place in-person in your ONE Way Coach’s office, at the practice facility, over the phone or via web video conferencing – whichever is best for you.

What is the format of a PartnerSync Coaching Call?

PartenrSync Coaching Calls are structured with a step-by-step approach that ensures making the most of your time. All Coaching Calls follow this format:

Performance Update – You and your ONE Way Coach have an open conversation to discuss your general performance status, what’s going well with your skating partnership and what areas need emphasis for improvement. This is the time for you and your Coach to reconnect and get “up to speed” with all that has happened since your last Coaching Call.

Previous PartenrSync Workouts — You and your PartenrSync Coach review any tasks or assignments you were to have completed for the Coaching Call. PartenrSync Workouts are designed to give you the opportunity, outside the time spent with your Coach, to practice and refine your newly developing mental, emotional and organizational skills.

New Opportunities — You and your PartenrSync Coach discuss new ideas, concepts, opportunities and applications to help with your mental skills development. All New Opportunities are based upon the feedback that was provided from your PartenrSync Appraisal and your PartenrSync Profile. New Opportunities are your opportunities – not ones picked from a shelf and applied to you. PartenrSync is a custom program created and developed for you based upon your needs and the overall needs of the partnership.

New PartenrSync Workouts — Your Coach will assign new PartenrSync Workouts for you to complete for your next Coaching Call.

What is a full team PartnerSync Coaching Call?

This is the time when the entire team, Dr. Silby, Mr. Riggs, and the skaters connect live to discuss the partnership status, review areas that are going very well, and isolate areas for further effort and improvement

What is a Coach Only SyncUp Call?

This is the time when Dr. Silby, and Mr. Riggs connect privately to discuss the overall state of the partnership, appraise development, and strategize next steps.

Can parents, trainers and on-ice coaches and take part in a Coach Call?

Achieving peak performance in Ice dance and pairs figure skating requires a total team effort. Recognizing this fact, the PartnerSync Coaches invite input and feedback from parents, trainers and on-ice coaches. Additional Coaching Calls may be scheduled at a convenient time for all parties and will be billed separately, in addition to the program fee.

What happens when the PartnerSync program concludes?

As a PartenrSync graduate you are eligible to purchase pre-paid blocks of PartenrSync mental fitness Coaching Calls — consider it a “partnership fitness insurance program.” PartenrSync graduates usually “check-in” with their PartenrSync Coach once per month to share ideas, strategize, or get back on track. With each block of prepaid Coaching Calls, your PartenrSync Coaches will maintain their regular Coach Only SyncUp Calls, at no charge, to stay informed on the overall health and wellness of the partnership.



Michael Riggs, M.Ed. University of Virginia, president and CEO of Performance Consulting Ltd., has spent the past two decades guiding individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.

He has consulted on an individual basis with two Olympians, including one Olympic Gold Medalist, dozens of professional athletes, many national and international level competitors, and hundreds of Division I, high school and Jr. athletes.

He brings his personal experience and passion for mental fitness training and athletic performance to pairs skaters and ice dance as the co-founder of the PartnerSync program.

He lives in Windsor, Colorado with his wife, Karen, and their two sons, Charlie and Graham.


Caroline Silby, Ph.D. University of Virginia, is the author of , Games Girls Play: Understanding and Guiding Young Female Athletes (St. Martin’s Press) is adjunct faculty at American University and is a featured speaker for U.S. Department of State.

She has worked with 2 Olympic Gold Medalists, 11 Olympians, 3 World Champions, 12 National Champions, and hundreds of Division I athletes and teams.  As an elite athlete, Dr. Silby was a member of the National Figure Skating Team and currently serves on the Sports Medicine Committees for US Figure Skating and the Professional Skater’s Association.  Dr. Silby has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and National Public Radio.

She lives in Santa Fe, NM and Potomac, MD with her husband and two daughters.


Call today to learn how PartnerSync Coaching can help your partnership reach its full potential, 970.674.2818.