Michelangelo Golf

Memory is a funny thing.

The mind seems to hold onto, with the grip of a free-form mountain climber, all of the shots that made us reel and curse the day we picked up the game. Do you remember that plop into the lake that ruined a potentially career round? Of course you do.  Or, that blade out of the bunker that sent your playing partners ducking for their lives? Yep.  Or, that four footer for par to finally beat your mouthy buddy that whizzed past eight feet and dribbled into the bunker? Like it was yesterday. All of these mishaps seem to be forever tattooed into memory, only to pop out front and center, at the worst possible time during a round.

Why is this so?

The mind tends to save things that have intense emotion attached to them. It’s like putting super glue on a thought – it sticks forever. Then, when faced with a similar situation, that tattooed memory is pulled out of your memory bank by… your fear. Fear is the bellhop in black whose job it is to go grab the worst possible baggage form your memory at the worst possible time and set it at your doorstep… and expect a tip.

So, what is the solution?

Well, getting rid of the cache of ugly memories can be very difficult and time consuming.  Instead, like an artist would apply new paint to her canvas to cover up an unwanted brush stroke, imagine covering all of the embedded ugly memories with new and wonderful ones.  Yes, brush right over them. Make a great chip shot. Brush. Hit a nice flop shot. Brush. Stripe a great drive. Brush. Drop a soft putt. Brush. Sting a four iron. Brush. With time, your memory canvas will become filled with great successes and exceptional shots.

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it. But remember, memories stick better with heightened emotion. So, allow yourself to get excited when you sink a tough putt. High five yourself when you stick a wedge to five feet. Pat yourself on the back when you stay smooth and balanced with your driver.  Your memory is your canvas. Be an artist.

S² Tip

With genuine excitement and thrill, consciously recognize and applaud your quality shots.

Success Story

Congrats to Auburn sophomore Dan Stringfellow for qualifying for the US Amateur at Cherry Hills Country Club, Denver, Colorado.

Congrats to Dan Hudson of Lyons Township HS in shooting a career low 64 in HS at tryouts. I think you’ll make the team, DanJ.

In Another’s Words…

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”– Colin Powell, Former US Secretary of State