Stay in the Game!

Keep Your Head in the Game

I wanted to take a little time and go over a very important part of the college recruiting game that many, many people over look. I am talking about a good positive attitude! This is one of the most highly sought after pieces of the college recruiting puzzle. Most Student-Athletes really don’t understand how much a Positive Attitude will sports ballshelp them in their own sport, little alone the impact it will have on them getting recruited by colleges.

The first thing any and all student athletes need to understand is that you will not be perfect. There is nothing wrong with expecting great things from yourself, but be able to be realistic with yourself. There is an old saying that says “greatness will be determined by how well you accept failure.” This means that on the field, court, pool or whatever your sport is, how do you handle things when they are not going your way. Most kids will get so upset with their own performance it really effects the rest of their game and even their team.

If you are on a team sport you have to realize you have other players out there that are working with you. You don’t have to do it all, that is why it is called a team. You must stay in a positive mind frame all the time during any sporting event. If you can’t see yourself doing great things, you will likely not do great things. You have to keep the vision of great in your mind at all times.

Positive Attitudes and lots of hustle go a long way when college coaches are looking at athletes. College Coaches look for kids with positive attitudes on and off the field. This is a characteristic that is not taught, it comes from inside the athlete. Most either have it or don’t… Look at it this way and keep this in mind from now on, hustle takes no ability, if you understand this you will be just fine. This phrase needs to be with you every time you step foot on you playing field, for games or practice. Look at it this way, you can be the absolute worst athlete on the field or court or whatever and you can still hustle up, down, on and off the field. This shows College Scouts your character. They know you can’t teach someone to hustle, they see this as a very positive attribute in a student athlete.

Let’s recap what I have talked about. Always approach your game with the best intentions possible and always remember that failure is part of it and that you must overcome it with a very positive mind set. Hustle all the time you are in your game and never let your opponent get in your head. Your mind is the greatest asset you have and can also be your own worst enemy. Seeing a kid have a bad day in their sport and still have enough guts about them to hustle on and off the field or court says a lot about the person. Positive attitudes can be contagious, be the leader and lead by example, your teammates, your coaches, your parents, the scouts and you will see what kind of potential and influence you bring to a team.


S² Tip

Positive attitudes can be contagious, be the leader and lead by example.


Success Story

Congratulations to Mike Delio of Carle Place High School on Long Island for pitching a perfect game in his first ever varsity start. Not only did Mike throw a perfect game, but he also struck out all 21 batters that he faced!


In Another’s Words…

“I’ve never known anybody to achieve anything without overcoming adversity.”

– Lou Holtz