Why Are You Thankful?

A Quick Nine: Why Are You Thankful?

By T.J. Auclair

As Thanksgiving Day approaches it’s time for all of us to take a step back, reflect on our lives and give thanks for everything that makes us complete – not just that turkey with all the fixins that’s going to make your stomach full.

In that spirit, for this week’s, ‘A Quick Nine,’ feature, we asked our PGA.com Facebook fans to tell us: Why are you thankful for golf?

GolfThe question was clearly a hit as we received more feedback for a single question than ever before, so we’re thankful for that. It was so powerful, in fact, that newly elected PGA of America President, Allen Wronowski, was the very first to chime in.

President Wronowski said he’s thankful for golf, “Because I’ve had a successful 34-year career (and still going!), met my beautiful wife and have made so many amazing lifelong friends.”

Not a bad way to start off this week’s feature, eh? Without further adieu, let’s see what it is about the beautiful game of golf that you’re thankful for:

1. Because it’s a healthy activity.

Facebook fan quotes:

“I had a kidney transplant 9 years ago. Golf, along with my two retrievers, keeps my exercise level high enough to help stave off the negative effects of my transplant meds. Golf also keeps my competitive fires burning and helps to keep me well rounded.” — Ron Lutz

“At my age I’m glad I’m able to play golf for so many reasons.” — Helen Pratt

“It gives me exercise, beautiful surroundings, solitude, 4 hours away from my cell, people watching and meeting.” — James King

“No one will realize the rewards of what golf offers until you are 78 years old with knee transplants and realize that golf is the one thing that keeps you out of the lounge chair and out near nature. I have enjoyed golf for over 50 years and can’t imagine what my physical condition would be without it. Thank God everyday that there is one sport that senior people can actually compete in until death. Thanks to everyone involved in making golf an enjoyable outing.” — Don Spann

2. Because it releases stress.

Facebook fan quotes:

“I am thankful for golf because it is an awesome outlet! All of my worries and problems are forgotten while I’m on the golf course, it’s a great escape.” — Jeremy Lane 

“Golf is the single most important activity I have to keep me sane while living in the Middle East. Getting up early on a weekend to spend time on beautifully manicured greens and fairways is about all that keeps me going over here. Thank you to this glorious game for being a worldwide passion!” — Mike Groves

“Like being in a park… relaxing!” — Ronique Breaux-Jordan

“As a parent of a child with autism and a nurse in private practice, I am thankful for the game of golf. The concentration that golf requires, along with the exercise and sunshine, helps me to return to my life and work, refreshed and refocused.” — Pamela Ferro

“Stress release (on a good day), reason to get out of the house, way to meet new people. Have fun with your friends. If you get good you make millions of dollars. Little bit of exercise. All kinds of good stuff.” — Jonathan Cameron

“I am thankful for golf because it allows me to relieve stress. Because i like taking out my aggression and being rewarded with good shots pars, and birdies. Also thankful because it allows me to see my friends and JUST HAVE FUN!” — Peter Owens

3. Because, no matter what, it always keeps you coming back for more.

Facebook fan quotes:

“I played the worst round of my life this summer… shanks, lost balls, out of bounds, water hazards… but I made a memorable par from the rough on the 10th hole and now that’s all I really remember about that round.” — Gordon Mair

“I’m thankful that I found a swing that works… shot an 82 last time, best score ever since I’m a mid 90’s golfer!” — Johnny Huang

“I’m thankful for golf because of the challenge and the fact that no two rounds are ever the same. I love being outdoors enjoying the scenery and the company of my golf partners on that particular day. It is a very humbling sport, I still can’t break 80.” — Jeremy Durfey

4. Because it teaches life lessons.

Facebook fan quotes:

Because it teaches me life. When you have to rise to the occasion and you don’t have the shot, it provides the desired humility required to make the appropriate decision.” — Kelly Ray Mulholland

“To me golf is like the game of life… Every decision is yours and you have to deal with the consequences of that decision, good or bad… play it as it lies.” — Jason Steadman

“Through golf I have met people I otherwise would not have encountered, and come to know one person more than I imagined… myself.” — Paul Dawlearn

“I am thankful for golf because it taught me almost everything I know about life!” — Kris E. Wilson

5. Because, to put it kindly… it gets you away from home.

Facebook fan quotes:

“Gives me four hours away from the nagging at home.” — Adam Roth “Because golf gets me away from the wife for a few hours and into the 19th hole after.” — Ben Doran

“It gets my husband out of the house.” — Jennifer Kroman

“I’m thankful for golf, because it gives me a little quiet time away from my girlfriend.” — Bryan Dwayne Hall

6. Because it builds relationships.

Facebook fan quotes:

“I play with a group called The Humbler’s that was started in 1972. We play by the rules, respect the game and each other. We recently lost the founding member in a car accident and another long time member due to cancer. Golf brought us all together but it is the friendships and loyalties that keep us together.” — Melissa Meza Lesch

“Brings moments and people together.” — Mininho Chi

“It kept me out of trouble when I was younger, it gave me fun times to look forward to as I got older, such as playing in tournaments with friends, but most importantly it gave me something to do with my dad and still continue to do with him. He didn’t know his father growing up so it was something we do together and it gives us time to spend together.” — Darren Scartissi

“Golf is the greatest game ever! The bond that it has created between my father and I is something I wouldn’t trade for anything! I can’t wait to share that bond with my nephews and my children (if I have them lol).” — Joseph Tyler Walski

“I love golf, as it is something my husband and I enjoy and do together, because of physical problems, I am unable to exercise in a normal way, but golf is a form of exercise that doesn’t tax this old body as much and gives me much time with the love of my life, my husband. What more could there be?” — Elaine Arbon-Slaven

“I am thankful for golf because it is the sport that brings our family together. Talking about our individual leagues at dinner or enjoying a family golf vacation, golf has given me fun family memories throughout my life.” — Lora Harp

“Golf is how I met my husband!” — Lanita Legan

7. Because it’s great to watch.

Facebook fan quotes:

“I’m thankful for the worldwide coverage of golf, watching live from around the world. Watching great players and of course the Champions Tour. I love golf, play it as much as I can. Kansas is cold today… 44 degrees and windy, not a good day for golf. Thank you PGA!” — George M Anthony

8. Because it’s ageless.

Facebook fan quotes:

“I am grateful for golf because it is the great equalizer. Where else could a 70-year-old man school a 26-year-old in a sporting event?” — Kevin Eckam

“I’m thankful for golf because I played with my grandpa and kept him happy till he passed away from cancer this pass winter.” — Travis Miller

9. Because it became a career.

Facebook fan quotes:

“I like watching the ball float away into the blue sky. And I like to watch it disappear into the hole. Golf has brought me a career, an opportunity to give to others, and most importantly friends..” — Mike Aldrich

“Not only has golf become my passion, but its also become my future career. I am a PGA Golf Management student and the game of golf has shaped me into the mature, responsible, and friendly person I am today. I can’t thank the game of golf enough for everything it has given me, and even more so what it still has to offer..” — Christopher John Kelley

“When I was in college I applied to be a lifeguard at Porter Valley CC. After dropping off my application I started chatting up who I thought was a Member and ended up being a Regional GM at ClubCorp. He hired me in the parking lot to develop an aquatics program at Braemar CC across town. I’ve held many other positions since at many other clubs. Today, I consult and direct for over 70 clubs in the US and Canada on member retention, marketing & communication. I am thankful for that day in the golf course parking lot.” — Zack Bates

“I am thankful for golf because it is my career, my passion, my hobby, and my source of entertainment. With 21 years servicing the golf business, 10 of which as a PGA Golf Professional, I have met some of the greatest people. It is a very rewarding profession.” — Jerry Palinski

“Growing up in North East L.A. golf gave me a safe haven from all the distractions that could have led me down a different direction in life. Playing at Arroyo Seco Par 3 G.C. put me in an environment around people who encouraged me to do better. Meeting former Touring Professionals like Jeff Sanday and Paul Runyan made me want to learn more about the game. The desire to learn more about the history of the game made me a better player and gave me the skill of a writer. Talking and writing about golf lead me to my first real job, as a golf journalist for a local magazine, and I was still attending college. Although times have changed, I still can honestly look back and say without the game of golf, I would not be where I am at today. For that I am thankful for golf.” — Marcelo Araujo


S2 Tip

Don’t ever forget to take a step back and be thankful that you have the opportunity to swing those clubs. No matter the outcome of your round recognize that not everyone has the opportunity to get on the course. You’re the real lucky one, even if you have a bad round.


Success Story 

Congratulations to Pueblo South High School’s Taylor Rodriguez for being the first state champion golfer the school has ever had! The school has been open since 1959, and with a final round score of 69, Taylor beat out Valor Christian’s Jake Staiano by two strokes. He said, “This season the biggest difference was I got a lot stronger in the offseason by going to the gym and getting more athletic and I hit the ball a lot further off the tee.” Nice work Taylor!


In Another’s Words

I try to be grateful for the abundance of the blessings that I have, for the journey that I’m on and to relish each day as a gift.

– James McGreevey (Former Governor)