By: John Weir 

Golfers have you been struggling on the greens, lacking confidence over putts or having a hard time seeing the ball going in the hole? If so then this article is a must read because it will reveals a unique way of using visualization on the greens to help any golfer immediately make more putts.

All golfers think in pictures and these mental images are what directs the body on how to perform. Research has already proven that visualizing a successful putting sequence prior to performance increases accuracy by 20% more than just doing stroke/body rehearsal. Studies have also revealed that negative imagery and visualizing the putt missing the hole decreased accuracy in all golfers regardless of skill level. Most golfers who are inconsistent on the greens or in a putting slump are dealing with a mental picture problem more often then a mechanical problem. When the pictures change the results change.

While most golfers are aware of these facts, one of the biggest challenges they face is actually getting a clear mental image of success. Many golfers try to visualize their putt as it would normally occur in reality. They try to imagine the ball rolling from the spot, moving along the line, and hopefully see it dropping into the hole. The problem is from this visualization perspective the desired end result is not always firmly established in the mind and too many outcomes can be created i.e. going left, right, long, or short. This can result in the mind producing negative outcome images that consequently hurt performance.

There is an easy way for all golfers to overcome this problem and use visualization more effectively on the greens. Many people are unaware that the human mind tends to work backwards when it comes to completing tasks. For example, if a person wanted to go on a vacation they would start by picking where they desired to go and then work backwards through the steps to make that a reality.

This same principle holds true when it comes to visualizing on the greens and making putts. Golfers should visualize backwards prior to taking their putt. It is much more effective to visualize the ball resting at the bottom of the cup, rolling up out of the hole, and back along the line to your putter because it ensures the most important thing; mentally seeing the end result or the ball in the hole.

Reverse visualization of putts is easiest way to generate positive outcome images prior to performance but it must be practiced to feel comfortable with it on the course. Next time at the driving range, start with a close, straight putt between 3-5 feet. Address the ball and fixate your gaze on the hole in a relaxed way for a few seconds. Concentrate on the target and imagine the ball at the bottom of the hole. Then visualize it rolling up out of the hole, slowly back along the perfect line and stopping right at the face of your putter. As your eyes come back to the ball simply take your putt and send it back along the line you just envisioned. Put reverse visualization to the test. It can make a big difference in putting performance.