Finding Fulfillment

By: Michael Riggs

“Pick a job you will find fulfilling”. “Do something you love”. That’s the job advice given to most people, and at some point, you’ve probably received something similar. Most of us followed that advice, we got a college degree that would lead us to that rewarding job. After interviews, getting hired, job training, and working, we found ourselves dissatisfied. It wasn’t what we’d hoped for nor what we were promised. What went wrong?  

A career is fulfilling because we feel appreciated and impactful. We want to feel that we’re helping others and improving their life. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t focus on the fulfillment of their employees. So, how can you take initiative to find fulfillment in your own career?

1. First of all, you should be doing something you love and that you plan on staying in. If you don’t plan on sticking with a job, then why are you doing it?

2. Seek out a mentor. Find someone that can teach you, not only how to do your job, but help you have a valuable impact on the company.

3. If you’re established in your career, be the leader you wish you had. Can you take someone under your wing? Does your department need growth and development? How can you lead better?

4. Create a personal mission and execute it every day. Just as a business writes a mission statement, you should have one too. Write something that will define you as a person and help lift you up; a statement you can live by.

5. Set goals. Always, always have a goal, and then another one. By setting goals and crushing them, you will feel accomplished.

6. Take initiative. If you notice that things aren’t running smoothly, a department is overwhelmed, your boss is at a standstill, your co-worker is drowning in work, or new process could be implemented, step in! Taking initiative will help you grow as a leader and make you feel valued by your peers. Not to mention, a potential raise!

7. Invest in relationships. You co-workers are real people too! Get to know them, what they care about, their struggles, and how their job works. By showing genuine interest in those who work with you, it will improve everyone’s mood, build trust, and make you feel more satisfied.

8. Change jobs. We listed this one last because it should be a last resort. Sometimes changing your career is a necessary shift. However, make sure you’re not running away from something and instead running towards something. Your next job should be an improvement, not just a means to get away from a job you hate.

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