ONE Way Business

Business coaching delivers measurable ROI.

Get results. Efficient business coaching helps entrepreneurs, corporate managers and individuals improve performance and business success. Capture opportunities as you learn to think better…and perform better, using the proven techniques of ONE Way Business..

For key employee development. You look good when the people you manage perform well. ONE Way Business guides employees in their daily roles, increasing productivity and effectiveness and advancing your business. We use a 360° profile to gather information from the employee and his or her supervisor and direct reports. The results spotlight opportunity areas and ensure the employee’s objectives support those of your organization. The employee then works one-on-one with a personal ONE Way Business coach, enhancing performance in the targeted areas. The result: Measurable improvement that delivers significant return on your investment.

For small business success. Entrepreneurs too often work in isolation, juggling the many roles of the small business owner. Get the support you need from your ONE Way Business coach, and see bottom-line results. We match you with a business coach whose expertise fits your goals, whether you seek a sounding board for new ideas, an experienced entrepreneur who can coach you to the next level, or a motivational coach to help you expand your vision.

For individual career advancement. Where will you be 10 years from now? ONE Way Business gives you new tools to take charge of your career today so you can reach your goals tomorrow. You start with an in-depth introduction to ONE Way concepts, working with your personal coach to articulate your vision and your goals. You and your coach determine whether to meet by phone or in person.

Over the next three to twelve months, your ONE Way Business coach works with you to motivate and inspire you, helping you:

Learn to think better and play better

  • 01

    Master the keys to career development.

  • 02

    Improve execution through enhanced commitment, confidence, concentration and composure.

  • 03

    Think better…and perform better, achieving measurable improvement and reaching new levels of career success.

Four Program Levels To Choose

12 Month Program

The platinum level is designed for the highly motivated business leader looking for our maximum degree of attention and coaching influence. Typical platinum level clients include corporate executives, company principals and entrepreneurs. At the platinum level, we are there every step of the way to help turn dreams and potential into reality!

9 Month Program

ONE Way Gold has been crafted for the business leader that desires substantial structure and continual accountability as he works toward greater success. Typical gold level clients include principals, entrepreneurs, rapidly developing individuals and upper management. If summiting the mountain is the objective, ONE Way Gold is the vehicle.

6 Month Program

ONE Way Silver offers business leaders the personal attention and a moderate degree of structure and contact as goals are set and objectives reached. Typical silver level clients include top performers, entrepreneurs, new hires and key employees with immediate needs. If the goal is to explore and develop potential in a guided fashion, ONE Way Silver is the perfect pilot.

3 Month Program

ONE Way Bronze, our entry level program, offers business leaders the opportunity to gain basic knowledge of the power of ONE Way and offers personal guidance through less frequent coaching. Bronze clients include recent college graduates, those in transition, and entrepreneurs.

Our Pricing Plans



12 Months
  • Private 6 hour immersion into the power of ONE Way Business
  • 12 ONE Way Business Coaching Calls
  • 360° ONE Way Business Performance Profile (3 additional profilers)
  • Much More!




6 Months
  • Private 2 hour immersion into the power of ONE Way Business
  • 6 ONE Way Business Coaching Calls
  • 360° ONE Way Business Performance Profile (1 additional profiler)
  • Much More!



3 Months
  • Private 2 hour immersion into the power of ONE Way Business
  • 3 ONE Way Business Coaching Calls
  • ONE Way Business Performance Profile
  • Much More!

For any questions regarding our pricing plans, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Start now. It makes good business sense to improve performance—and ONE Way Business is one of the most fundamentally sound performance coaching programs available.

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