Don’t just believe me…listen to what they’re saying, too!

"Simple, yet thorough. Well-presented. Just what I needed."                                                                                                                                                                                               Sheryl M., Redirected (and very happy) Mom

"Being a great dad was my #1 priority. But, with my business life, friends and other commitments, I found myself falling short as a dad. I really needed some professional guidance and accountability to become the dad that my kids deserved. Mike, through the the ONE Way LIfe program, got me on track. My kids thank you, Mike."                                      Colton W., One Happy Dad

“To achieve your goals you need focus. I was struggling in my career and didn’t know where I was going; just floating from one day to the next. Through the ONE Way Life program, Mike helped me first define my goals and then supplied the tools to improve my focus to achieve many of the things I needed to elevate my career.”                                Tom A., Fortune 500 VP

"ONE Way Life has helped me focus on the little steps in life - which are what really counts - because when you reach your goal, it's the small steps that got you there."             Erika S., Entrepreneur                                           

"On behalf of my wife, children, and my management team, I’d like to say, ‘Thanks Mike’, my ONE Way Life Coach, for helping me create the best balance I’ve ever had in my life. I’m much happier and more effective now… and I’m only getting started."
Phillip K., President and CEO

"Chasing the almighty dollar and climbing the corporate ladder lost its glamour. My ONE Way Life Coach, Mike Riggs, helped me realize what is genuinely important to me and facilitated the construction of my extraordinary life plan -- by my definition, on my terms."
Celeste O., Account Manager

"I wish I enrolled in ONE Way Life twenty years ago. The program, and the attention Mike has given me has directed me in the redesign of my life. I can honestly say that my best years are ahead of me!"
Sam D., Retired Restaurateur

"I want to tell you that I think the ONE Way Life program, artfully presented, was a big help to Daniel during some critical years. Mike provided an excellent third- party perspective that was necessary at a time when parent’s advice often gets taken with a grain of salt. We’re elated with Dan’s life direction."
Pat and Ricardo S., Mom and Dad                                           

“So, what’s it all about?” I found myself asking myself on a regular basis. Then, I enrolled in ONE Way Life. It was the best thing I ever did. Mike helped me clarify my values and beliefs, set an audacious life Vision for myself and create a plan to make it real. Awesome!"
Marta H., World’s Best Mom and Wife