So, listen to what they’re saying…

"Even though I didn't come out on top, the ONE Way Golf process helped make me a completely better person both in golf - and outside of golf. Because of my play at national level tournaments I was offered a college scholarship, fulfilling one of my life-long dreams!"   Owen C., Collegiate Player

"We want to thank you for being such a positive influence during a pivotal time in Alex’s life. We are very pleased with his growth, both as a player and as a person. He is definitely taking ownership of his beliefs and choices. His independence is a product of ONE Way Golf and the program got dad “out of the way”. We are confident, now, he will do very well as we prepare to drop him off at college."   Jeff and Angie E., Golf Mom and Dad 

"Working with Mike helped me organize my golf game and develop a plan for how to reach my goals. He taught me how to actively compete with the best by always preparing properly before each tournament. I was able to clear up doubts and develop a strong plan for my golf game – both short and long term. I learned how to play my own game and stay committed to myself while competing. Thanks for all the time and help, Mike."   Dan S., Professional Player

"To grow as a golfer you need to understand the processes of the game.While the mental approach to golf is so often overlooked, ONE Way Golf has the potential to take your game to new heights – thanks, Mike!"   Greg C., Amateur Player


"My son, Charles, has had an excellent experience with ONE Way Golf and has certainly benefited from it; both in golf and beyond the game. ONE Way is a great program and I will continue to share it with family and friends."   Raeann O., Jr. Player mom

"ONE Way helped me to shift my hopeful aspirations into a reality. I was able to pursue new goals and make my current play more meaningful. The unique set up of the program allowed me to continue play my game as the coached changes took effect."   Erika O., Collegiate Player

"I am SO much mentally stronger having gone through ONE Way. With Mike, my ONE Way Coach, I have been able to realize that golf is just a game. Yes, playing well is important, but I now understand there are so many other things to a successful life. Not coincidentally, with my better overall life balance, I am playing the best golf of my career."   Alex H., Collegiate Player

"The expert coaching I received through ONE Way helped me to repeat as State Sr. Open champion. ONE Way has contributed greatly to my success as a player and instructor."   Michael H., Professional Player & Golf Digest Top 100 Instructor

"I had no intentions of playing on the PGA Tour, but I did want to win my club championship. ONE Way Golf guided me through the steps of thinking, preparing, and competing like a champion. Thanks to my ONE Way Coach, Mike Riggs, for helping me to make my dreams a reality."   David T., Amateur Player

"At the professional level, the game is 90% mental. The skills I learned through ONE Way Golf have allowed me to compete professionally at the mini tour level... and will carry me to the next stage, as well. Thank you so much, Mike!"   Jonathon N., Professional Player

"Working with Michael has helped me to better recognize the power of the mind. His insight has played an important part in my professional and personal development."   Connie D., Golf Digest Top 100 Instructor

"Mike really helped me figure out what was holding me back form reaching my potential. I play with much more freedom and satisfaction, now."   John S., Professional Player

"Mike is a quality individual that truly cared about the well-being of our son. We’re glad that his mental fitness coaching been a major factor in Hunter’s Development."   Don S., Jr. Player Dad

"The things that I learned from ONE Way helped me to better understand myself not just as a golfer, but as a person. I continue to put many of these lessons into practice everyday whether it be on the course, in the classroom, or at home. I sincerely appreciate all of the help offered from Michael Riggs, my ONE Way Golf Coach."   Eddie S., Collegiate Player

"Having played competitive Jr. golf, I knew I would need more than a great swing coach to keep getting better. Through ONE Way Golf, I learned how to perform in the toughest of conditions. My Coach, Michael Riggs, has played an integral part in taking my game to a higher level."   Danny D., High School Player

"Working with Mike through the ONE Way Golf program absolutely made me a better golfer, but more so, a better person."   Charlie D., High School Player

"ONE Way Golf, as implemented by my ONE Way Coach Mike Riggs, demanded excellence and pulled me to the next level."   Larry B., Amateur Player

"I definitely would have my Jr. player taught by Michael. Young people need and deserve a teacher of his quality."   Bob Rotella, Sport Psychologist

"Through ONE Way Golf, I learned a lot about myself. My biggest gain was learning how to think and act when I am nervous. Maintaining composure is going to be a large step in advancing my game."   Aaron W., Professional Player

"ONE Way Golf has changed my game - I have become completely focused on the present, with a crystal clear vision of my future."   Sam H., High School Player