ONE Way Sport

Think better. Perform better.

Improve sport performance. Our highly personal mental fitness coaching uses proven strategies to teach you new ways to prepare, compete—and succeed. Learn to think better…and play better, whatever your sport. This unique approach to performance improvement is field-tested—built on the experience of winning athletes at all levels. It’s challenging—requiring your hearty commitment. And it’s proven—to deliver unprecedented success.

See the difference coaching makes. Add a ONE Way Sport coach to your team, and you’ll find playing like a champion is easier than you think. The right coaching and the right resources make all the difference. Focused on you. Tell us where you want to take your game, and we’ll give you the tools to get there.

You start with an in-depth introduction to ONE Way concepts, working with your personal sport coach to articulate your vision and your goals. You and your coach determine whether you’ll meet by phone or in person.

Over the next three to twelve months, your ONE Way Sport coach works with you to motivate and inspire you, helping you:

Learn to think better and play better

  • 01

    Bridge the gap between practice and competition.

  • 02

    Improve your commitment, confidence, concentration and composure.

  • 03

    Play better—and increase your success and satisfaction.

Four Program Levels To Choose

12 Month Program

The platinum level is designed for the highly competitive and committed athlete looking for the maximum degree of attention and influence. At the platinum level, your ONE Way Coach will be with you every step of the way as you strengthen your mental game and achieve your true playing potential. Platinum clients include professional, national and international level amateur and collegiate athletes.

9 Month Program

ONE Way Gold has been crafted for the competitive athlete that desires significant structure and continual guidance from his ONE Way Coach. If you are serious about your mental Fitness development and your target is to get to the next level, you are a perfect ONE Way Gold candidate. Gold clients include regional and national level junior, high school, club, adult amateur and collegiate athletes

6 Month Program

ONE Way Silver offers competitive athletes the necessary personal touch and a moderate degree of structure as targets are set and goals are achieved. If you wish to develop your mental fitness in a guided fashion with steady coaching from your ONE Way Coach, ONE Way Silver is perfect for you. Silver clients include competitive junior, club, collegiate and adult amateur athletes.

3 Month Program

ONE Way Bronze, our entry level mental fitness development program, offers competitive athletes the opportunity to learn the power of ONE Way and develop core mental fitness. If you are a competitive athlete looking to add mental fitness training to your tool box with the direction of your ONE Way Coach, ONE Way Bronze is ideal for you. Bronze clients include competitive junior, high school, club and adult amateur athletes.

Our Pricing Plans



12 Months
  • Private 6 hour immersion into the power of ONE Way Sport
  • 12 ONE Way Sport Coaching Calls
  • 360° ONE Way Sport Mental Fitness Profile with 3 additional profilers
  • Much More!




6 Months
  • Private 2 hour immersion into the power of ONE Way Sport
  • 6 ONE Way Sport Coaching Calls
  • 360° ONE Way Sport Mental Fitness Profile with 1 additional profiler
  • Much More!



3 Months
  • Private 2 hour immersion into the power of ONE Way Sport
  • 3 ONE Way Sport Coaching Calls
  • ONE Way Sport Mental Fitness Profile
  • Much More!

For any questions regarding our pricing plans, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Own your performance vision. Put the power of ONE Way Sport to work for you. Work with a sport coach who understands your goals, using a proven system to achieve your dreams. The sooner you start, the sooner you can learn to think better…and play better.

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